The wedding tech now at the heart of couples

Jiri and Ondrej Vedral, a Czech couple, exchanged fashionable rings on their wedding day rather than the customary gold bands.

Wearable electronics called “smart rings” include features that are similar to those of smartwatches. Typically, they provide contactless payments and cardiac monitoring for the user.

It is a rapidly expanding industry of technology, with annual global sales growth estimated to be 21%.

The wedding tech now at the heart of couples

However, Jiri and Ondrej’s smart rings are different from most because they let them see and feel each other’s heartbeat, making them more romantic than most.

Every ring has a Bluetooth connection to an app on the user’s smartphone. Additionally, two rings can be connected via the app.

Jiri’s wedding ring thus physically pulses with Ondrej’s heartbeat each time he presses it, and it also shows the heartbeat as a moving red line. And for Ondrej, do the opposite.

They receive a real-time heartbeat as long as their cell phones are both online. If either is unavailable, they receive the most recent recording.

“We were never into gold and diamonds,” claims Jiri. “We liked the notion that because we wanted something distinctive,

The rechargeable ring, called the HB Ring, is made by Czech firm The Touch. Although the first iteration went on limited sale back in 2016, the company is now seeing an increase in global interest thanks to the wider surge in the smart ring sector.

In addition, the business has this year launched a new parallel product – The Touch Locket. To be worn on a necklace, this has the same technology as the smart rings

Its target customers include engaged couples who might like the idea of being able to feel their loved one’s heartbeat, but don’t want to forgo having traditional wedding rings


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