ChatGPT accessible again in Italy

Italy now has access to the ChatGPT chatbot again.

At the beginning of April, it was prohibited due to privacy concerns by the Italian data protection authority.

ChatGPT accessible again in Italy

Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the company that created it, claimed to have “addressed or clarified” the concerns identified.

Before registering for ChatGPT, users could now access the company’s privacy policy, and a new tool was available to confirm users’ ages.

The chatbot was temporarily prohibited by the Italian data protection regulator, known as Garante, who also opened an investigation into possible violations involving the AI programme.

Garante had accused OpenAI of failing to verify that ChatGPT users were at least 13 years old, thus OpenAI responded by promising to provide a tool to do so in Italy at registration.

According to OpenAI, customers in the European Union will now have a new form to utilise to exercise their right to object to the company’s use of their personal data for model training.

The Italian regulatory body informed the BBC that it “welcomed the measures OpenAI implemented” but demanded even higher compliance.

ChatGPT accessible again in Italy

The spokeswoman specifically mentioned “implementing an age verification system and planning and conducting an information campaign to inform Italians of what happened as well as of their right to opt-out from the processing of their personal data for training algorithms.”

Garante stated that it would continue its “fact-finding regarding OpenAI activities also under the auspices of the ad hoc task force that was established by the European Data Protection Board.”

A representative for OpenAI said the company valued the Garante’s cooperation and that it will keep up the positive dialogue already going on.

Since its debut in November 2022, ChatGPT has been used by millions of users.

It may imitate various writing styles and respond to queries in language that seems natural and human.

Microsoft has invested enormous sums of money on it, and Bing just last month added it.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook will all have a version of the technology integrated into them, according to the company.

Bard, a competitor to Google’s AI chatbot, is now accessible, but only to certain individuals over the age of 18.



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